Basecamp Dquatier

The growing family of furniture designs needed a brand of their own. innvire will continue to exchange the knowledge and experience in the future between its workplace research and furniture developments. This is what sets us apart from others. But to mature the brand internationally, it was longing for its own story and appearance. ‘dquartier’ is the new name of the innvire furniture designs.

The new ‘dquartier’ furniture collection is designed around supporting activities for collaborative creativity. Architects and designers are challenged to create workspaces that demand more interactivity between people and their tasks. The deskspace decreases and the informal workspaces are more in demand. dquartier designed their collection with these exact desires in mind. The new elements create workspaces that are flexible, modular, functional and synergetic. Build on the metaphor of different areas in a city, dquartier will design furniture elements that create their own little ‘quartiers’ at a workplace. We believe that like a city, we need to identify hotspots within companies were naturally certain functions develop itself. We at dquartier will create the elements that support these functions. Whether it is brainstorming, communication, learning, meeting or socializing, we will ‘design quartier’. We believe that what we do and design will ‘work like a city’.